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I had the pleasure of capturing two beautiful woman, Kathryn and Mylinh. It was alot of fun. Learn alot. It was a new and challenging shoot, yet very educational.

1. I was a little nervous 😉
2. I didn’t know there was going to be 2. Double the fun. 🙂 It was a challenge posing them.
3. We didn’t have a location pick out. It was just random. So in a way I was going  in blind.
4. Shooting at Noon. The light was very harsh.
5. First time using a disc reflector and my strobe at the same time. It was a very educational and interesting process.
6. Either get a stand for the strobe and the reflector or get better help. 🙂

Regardless. It was alot of fun and a great experience. On to the next…..

I got a few chance to sneaks in a few shots at a friend’s wedding 🙂 I had so much fun. It’s just too bad times ran out.

Wedding is probably the hardest event to shoot. Especially the reception. The reason for that because its get very dark and you need plenty of lights. Some of these photos, I had to do some extensive touch up to make it work. (the one that wasn’t properly exposed in the first place) 🙂

PHONG Test Lensbaby

Fireworks Show is one of the coolest thing to shoot. It makes some very cool effects. I love the reflections in the water.

So on monday, I got a chance to attend my first photography meetup through

Bascially, Meetup is a platform to be able to organize meet up for anything. If there’s anything that people are interested in, there’s probably a meet up group for it. If not, you can start one.

I love it.  I attended a photography meet up called SeattleSMUG.  I got a chance to meet very cool local photographers. We also got a chance to learn  from two local professionals. Bruce and Josh Hudson of Hudson Potraits. They shared their expertises with us. From lighting/posing to the business side of it.  I got much values out of it.


One thing they bought up was the topic of “Facebook” and how to use it to levarage for your business on the marketing side.  As you know I’m really into all these marketing :). One thing I see is that, one; we know Facebook is really big and it’s getting bigger. For sure it’ll play a major role in your business. but two; alot of people don’t have any clue how it all work. So I’m thinking,  this is where I could come in. I love all these social media stuff, and I”m pretty knowledgable about it. I could help these people. I’m up for it. So, I’m just excited to do more.   

It’s awesome to have these meet up available. Especially for some one who is new and still got much to learn. I love the fact is that you get to meet people and learn from them.

Got an interest you want to get into? Want to meet people with the same interests/hobbies? MeetUp is a great resource.

Check them out here